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We’re a privately-owned animal hospital that cherishes the bonds between pets and people. As part of our commitment to nurturing relationships, The Bailey Veterinary Medical Center has taken great strides to become a Cat Friendly practice. We love our feline patients just as much as our canine patients, but we don’t see them as regularly as we’d like to help them stay healthy. It can be tricky to remove cats from their comfortable home environments, so we’re meeting your feline family members halfway and making vet visits much less stressful for them.

Make an appointment today or learn all about our Cat Friendly initiative and get to know Dr. Klimentidis, a long-time member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, below.

Dr K With Orange Cat

What is Cat Friendly Care?

To provide Cat Friendly care is to be attuned to felines in every aspect. At The Bailey Veterinary Medical Center, we aim to use our knowledge of feline behaviors, conditions and triggers to craft a veterinary experience best suited to their needs. Cats are not small dogs, and thus require a different approach to their care.

Cat Friendly care involves:

  • Maintaining a feline-friendly environment.
  • Knowing how to approach, handle, and care for cats in a gentle, empathetic, and effective way.
  • Using the right equipment, facilities, and techniques to diagnose and treat our cat patients appropriately.
  • Meeting a specific set of standards within our hospital to provide proper care and hospitalization.

Features of our Cat Friendly hospital include:

  • Feline-friendly handling by our team members
  • Having a facility designed to reduce stress and anxiety in cats (with a separate waiting area and exam room)
  • Keeping cat owners informed with educational materials and guidance from our team
  • Promoting proactive, preventive care for cats at all life stages
  • Keeping our doctors and team members educated and trained in Cat Friendly care and techniques
  • Placing an emphasis on pain management in felines
  • Equipping our hospital with proper tools and equipment to keep our cat patients healthy and comfortable
Dr K With Two Black Cats
Dr Carine Klimentidis

Meet Our Expert Cat Veterinarian

Dr. Carine Klimentidis' journey as a cat expert began shortly after college when she adopted Ginger, a bold stray kitten. Discovered by another veterinarian during a walk with her Alaskan Malamute, Ginger leaped from a rain gutter directly in front of them. What started as a temporary arrangement soon became permanent, as Ginger spent 19 impactful years with Dr. Klimentidis, teaching her to manage and care for feisty cats, and to embrace her role as a dedicated cat caretaker.

Ginger's unique behavioral quirks deepened Dr. Klimentidis' understanding of feline behavior and stress management. During her veterinary studies, Dr. Klimentidis trained under two esteemed feline specialists and joined the American Association of Feline Practitioners, remaining a member for over two decades. With the advent of the Fear Free movement, she eagerly refined her techniques to reduce stress for her feline patients.

Today, Dr. Klimentidis' home is enlivened by two black cats, Bagheera and Mowgli, whose clever tricks include flushing toilets and raiding cupboards for treats. Through these experiences, Dr. Klimentidis continues to aspire toward one day reigning over her lively household.

Feline Resources

Here’s a wealth of trusted information if you’re interested in learning more about Cat Friendly care!

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