Our Story


When Dr. Liz Jobe was a college student in 2006 at Clemson University, she was driving down a highway past farming fields when she saw an animal in a storm drain. Thinking it was probably a racoon, she kept driving but eventually decided to turn around and check in case it was an animal needing help. To her surprise, an adorable black and white puppy was huddled all alone with no other puppies or mother in sight. There were no homes nearby, so she loaded the puppy into her truck and drove it to the local humane society.

Dr. Jobe considered all night if this was meant to be her puppy, and the next day decided to go back to the humane society to pick her up. When she loaded Bailey into a small carrier and placed her on the seat of her truck, Dr. Jobe turned to Bailey and said, “Are you ready to spend the next 15 years of your life with me?!” Bailey’s eyes looked very worried! To our delight, Bailey is now 17 years old, and it’s been an adventurous life so far! While still at Clemson in South Carolina, Dr. Jobe trained Bailey to become a Certified Canine Good Citizen. They visited local Senior Living facilities where residents loved having her spend time in their rooms to sneak her treats.

Bailey was Dr. Jobe’s study buddy all through veterinary school at The University of Georgia, and any available leisure time they had included hiking, camping, swimming, and boating. At her parent’s lake house, Bailey would run through the fields with horses and roll in fresh poop! She’s had a lot of baths outside with a hose. The other two things that cause her to uncontrollably tap dance with excitement are her morning kibble and when she sees Liz pick up her leash!

Once Dr. Jobe’s veterinary career started, she and Bailey headed out west. They lived in Santa Fe, NM followed by Fort Collins and Loveland, CO. They collected mountain peak photos on their many hikes. After some time working in Denver, CO, Dr. Jobe and Bailey moved to Tucson, AZ. They have done multiple cross-country trips together and Bailey has visited many states! Her easy-going personality makes her a perfect travel companion.

Since they are inseparable, Bailey is well known at every hospital where Dr. Jobe has worked. When she sees Liz grab her bag to head out the door, Bailey knows it’s time to load up into the car for work! The staff is always excited to see her, and Bailey greets everyone and then goes to the desk to lay in her bed for the workday. When it’s closing time and the patients are gone for the day, she will quietly slip past Dr. Jobe and wander to the reception desk for a treat.

The Bailey Veterinary Medical Center honors this bonded relationship. She has lived a healthy 17 years of life with only recently needing arthritis management. Dr. Jobe hopes to deliver the same level of lifelong care to all her patients to ensure they live long, healthy, and pain-free lives. Bailey is the model for this vision.