Coming Soon: Fear Free Care in Oro Valley, AZ

The Bailey Veterinary Medical Center is in the process of obtaining Fear Free certification! Fear Free is an initiative through which we prioritize your pet’s comfort and well-being so they can have a positive experience at every visit to our animal hospital. The goal is to alleviate fearfulness, anxiety, and stress in our dog and cat patients as much as possible so they can get the essential care they require to live happy, healthy lives.

The hospital was designed to be a fear-free practice with separate cat and dog entrances as well as separate waiting areas. The exam rooms utilize iCalmPet music speakers to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress for our canine and feline patients. The iCalm music uses psychoacoustic techniques that naturally trigger relaxation or stimulated responses that are species-specific. Additionally, we utilize calming pheromone diffusers unique to cats and dogs in their designated exam rooms.

Doctor Holding Cat

What’s the Difference with Fear Free?

Fear Free care requires additional training for our veterinarians and staff so they can learn the proper techniques for reducing fearfulness, anxiety, and stress in pets. These techniques include:
• Gentle, low-stress handling/restraint
• The use of artificial dog and cat pheromones in the practice
• Optional use of pre-appointment calming medications
• Treats to distract pets during treatment
• Positive reinforcement
• Clear and thorough communication with pet owners
• Strategic pain management

Why It’s Better for Your Pet

Our goal in providing Fear Free care is to reduce pet anxiety and stress and help more dogs and cats see their vet for essential care to keep them healthy. The less stressed your pet feels, the happier they are, and their bond with you and your family will be stronger, too.

Reach out to us to find out more about Fear Free visits and what to expect!