Cat & Dog Surgery in Oro Valley, AZ

The Bailey Veterinary Medical Surgical Center is designed with AAHA standards in mind for every aspect of veterinary care, including surgery for dogs and cats. We offer various soft-tissue surgeries at our animal hospital in Oro Valley, including elective pet spay and neuter procedures, mass removals, and general dental surgeries. In addition to performing every surgery with the highest concern for your pet’s safety and your peace of mind, we also provide multimodal pain management in the form of laser therapy, acupuncture, and other post-op treatments.

Dr. Jobe In Surgery

The Importance of Spay/Neuter for Dogs & Cats

Spay/neuter surgery is an important step in your pet’s preventative care because it can reduce their risk for certain types of cancer and minimize or prevent disruptive behaviors driven by their hormones. Naturally, the prevention of pregnancy and animal overpopulation is also a major benefit, but your pet’s personal health can also be enhanced.

Since no two pets are alike, we take an individualized approach to scheduling and performing spay and neuter surgeries. We consider your pet’s breed, species, size, age, lifestyle, and other factors and then work with you to schedule the most appropriate date for their spay/neuter procedure.

Our Safety Standards for Your Pet’s Surgery

The Bailey Veterinary Medical Center takes great care in preparing your pet for surgery and making sure their entire procedure goes smoothly from beginning to end.

Post-Surgery Instructions

You are integral to your pet’s recovery at home following their surgery. Our team will provide you with a handout of clear instructions, so you know exactly what to do to keep your pet comfortable and help them heal. Some of our tips for a smooth recovery include:

  • Limiting your pet’s activity to prevent tearing of the sutures
  • Checking your pet’s sutures daily for redness, swelling, seepage, odor, and ripped sutures
  • Keeping your pet’s incision/sutures dry (no baths or swimming)
  • Keeping your pet (and other pets if you have them) from licking their sutures

Please call us at (520) 355-5010 if you ever have questions about surgery or helping your pet recover at home. We are always here to help you!

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